Cape May Point, NJ Shark Teeth

These tiny teeth are more interesting for their location than their diminutive 1/4 inch size. I found them by carefully picking through the gravel at Cape May, NJ. Most people who travel to Cape May Point and notice the beach gravel at Sunset Beach are in search of the clear quartz pebbles called “Cape May Diamonds.” If you want to find shark teeth, however, you will need to get face down in the gravel and literally flick through it with your finger grain by grain. Screening is useless because of all the gravel. The teeth are tiny and few and far between, but if you persevere, you will find them. The fossil age and formation is left to the imagination although they look Miocene. These teeth could have traveled down the length of the Delaware River into Delaware Bay from just about any tributary or perhaps even down the coast. While looking for the teeth you may find other interesting tidbits including horn corals from upriver and even bits of surf polished amethyst.

Location: Cape May Point, NJ

Photo: Scott S

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