Tennessee fossil coral specimen

I discovered the fossil on a mountain top while turkey hunting. I have found an abundant amount of shell fossils in the same area but never anything like this. Judging by the cluster of things, I believe this to be coral. I'm no expert, though, and this is why I am seeking your help!

Fossil Collector: Zach L.

Location: Gladdice, Jackson County, Tennessee

[Editor's Note: Zach, your instincts are right on the money this time. This looks like a classic fossil coral specimen.]

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Found in a Tennessee Creek bed.

I was walking along a creek bed and looking at various rocks and found this.

Top view of the Clarksville fossil

I picked it up because it looked unusual but it wasn't until I flipped it over that it really piqued my interest. Been picking up random rocks for years and have never come across anything quite like this.

Fossil Collector: Robert D.

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

We sure our getting a lot of mystery fossils these days. The curves on this one suggest a type of shell fossil. Are there some local collectors out there who can help out with an identification? Please leave a comment.

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Fossil coral from Tennessee

Tenessee coral is always an exciting fossil find!

Fossil Collector: Bud N.

Location:  Land Between the Lakes, North Eastern Tennessee

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A curious fossil find from Tennessee

We were at the ATV- Motocross national race at Loretta Lynn's Ranch and campground. We were looking for cool rocks in the creek and I came across this one. The reason I picked it up at first was because of the face on it. I then discovered the 3-d star and other etchings on it.

Fossil Collector: Jody M.

Location: Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

[My Fossil Find believes that the star you see is the center portion of a crinoid stem. What you have found is a cross section view of it. Crinoids look plant-like, but are echinoderm relatives of starfish. Do any viewers have an insight on this Tennessee fossil? Please leave a response.]

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