A one time fossil find?

Found them when I was 9-10 and I have not found any more since.

Possible echinoderm spines.

They were found with my shark teeth.

Fossil Collector: jandjself

Location: Lamar County, Texas

[Note: Fossil identified in the comments.]

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Is this fossil ivory from Texas?

My grandpa was digging in a construction site in Texas and supposedly found a piece of a mastodon tusk.

Fossil Collector: Irish Boy

Location: Texas

[Editor: Hmm...tricky. Fossil ivory can often have this chalky, cracked appearance, but so can a number of minerals. Any fossil tusk fans out there care to leave a comment to help identify this? Fossil tusk or not?]

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Is is a large tooth fossil?

I bought it at a garage sale.

Fossil Collector: Grayson  C.

Location:  Texas

[ We are becoming a big fan of  those garage sale finds! My Fossil Find receives a lot of submissions similar to this. In general it appears to be a tooth from a modern cow, but the age is always difficult to determine. Any thoughts? ]

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The things you find on a Texas beach!

Walking the beach looking for shells and found this. Surprised to find a bovine type tooth on the beach!

Fossil Collector: pinkribbon518

Location: Galveston Beach, Texas

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A possible mammal claw fossil from Texas

Claw found on the ground in West Texas on a ranch, north of Big Bend National Park. I found this about 15 years ago on the ground while looking for arrowheads and have always wondered what type of claw this is. I'm certain it's a claw because it is really similar to a big-cat claw (mountain lion).

Fossil Hunter: CalC

Location: West Texas

[Note: We can't tell if the claw is a fossil from the picture. Perhaps someone knows more about Texas fossils? Please leave a response.]

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