Possible fossil found in Texas.

My Grandmother and I always picked up rocks while at the lake when I was little. This is a rock she had picked up at some point.

Is it a Texas fossil?

We never knew if it was just a rock or a fossil. If anyone knows what this is please let us know. As you can see there is some paint on the front of it since it had been used as a door prop. When my Grandmother passed away I really wanted the rock and everyone else thought it was junk. I will still enjoy it if it turns out to just be a rock.

Photo: Letha F.

Location: Grapevine, TX

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Strange find in Texas.

This was located in a field in Italy, Texas. What kind of fossil is this? It looks like some sort of plant/coral that may have positioned itself on a rock. It has a smooth curve on one side with a wavy edge on the other. It has several vains and is also layered. Any clue to what this is?

A view of the fossil with coin for size.

A view of the fossil with coin for size. This unknown fossil is approximately 6" wide (left to right) by appox. 4". It is also nearly an inch thick. It has layers around 1/16th of an inch.

Collector: ConradF

Location: Italy, Texas.

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