Possible fossil find from England

Found this fossil while out walking the dog.

Fossil Collector: Alan T.

Location: Wollaston Northants, United Kingdom

[Note: We are not certain is this is a fossil or a sandstone formation of some kind. Is  anyone out there more familiar with the fossils or geology of Wollaston Northants? Please leave a comment.]

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The strange looking fossil almost resembled a snake to me.

I cracked open some sand stone and found this weird snake looking fossil. Help me out here.

Fossil Collector: Andy S.

Location: Durham, England

Editor: We like it when we can be so positive about something. This is certainly a fossil calamites from the swamps of the Carboniferous Period some 300- 360 million years ago. Calamites are an extinct horsetail plant that grew to giant proportions reaching 30 -100 feet tall. Durham was a different place back then!

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Found in Lancashire, England

I dont know a lot about this fossil, it was found in Lancashire, England by some one whilst out walking. There are 6 teeth in total the middle tooth on the right measures 1.5cm length and 0.9cm width this is the smallest tooth the width of the back left tooth to back right tooth across is 6cm there are some small ridges under the teeth.

Fossil Collector: louiseg2044

Location: Lancashire, England

[Editor's note: Fossils can be tricky and that is part of the fun. I think we can help to clear this one up. One side does indeed look like teeth, but the other has some telltale ridges. What I believe we are looking at is a highly worn ammonite fossil. Ammonites are extinct cephalopods with a shell similar to the modern nautilus. The side with the "teeth" is worn right through the shell to reveal the inner chambers that are likely filled with a white mineral such as calcite. The side with the ridges preserves some of the original texture on the outside of the shell. Perhaps a viewer can let us know more? If you are familiar with Lancashire fossils, please leave a response.]

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A serendipitous fossil beach find.

Serendipity accounts for some of the best fossil discoveries.

A fossil bi-valve found on the Isle of White

I found this on at the bottom of a chalk cliff at Whitecliff Bay today. It was just a shiny ring on the face of a broken boulder, broke it up and this emerged. No idea what it is, hopefully someone can help.

Location: Whitecliff Bay, Isle of Wight

Fossil Collector: Alexw

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Strange object found in West Runton, Norfolk

I found this on the shoreline at West Runton, Norfolk.

Picture Location:  West Runton, Norfolk

Photo: Neil B.

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