Found on a reef next to oyster and clams shells in the Mancos Shale. Believe the black material is "skin." First thought these were tail spikes from a dinosaur but this is shallow sea environment. Can you help me identify them?

Fossil Collector: Mark P.

Location: Mancos Shale

[Note: The Mancos Shale is an Upper Cretaceous formation of Utah and the Colorado Plateau. This find is something we we we could pick up and take a closer look at, but the general impression of the black areas reminds us of large fish bones and scales. The size of these are a bit daunting. For your dinosaur theory, it is not unusual to find terrestrial animal fossils in marine deposits because a watery environment is generally needed for them to become fossils. Terrestrial animals are washed into rivers, marshes and oceans all the time. As a famous example, the first dinosaur discovered in the United States is Hadrosaurus foulkii which was uncovered in a Cretaceous marine deposit in Haddenfield, New Jersey. Hopefully someone familiar with these fossils can leave a comment for us.]

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Fossil trilobite with a lost specimen label. Help!

Help, I lost a label for my trilobte specimen. My best guess is that this trilobite is from the Wheeler Shale of Utah and it might even be Elrathia kingi. If there are any trilobite buffs out there who can confirm this, it will he helpful. The specimen is about one inch long.

Location: Delta, Utah (?)

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