Fossil tooth from a float trip

My family went on a white water tubing trip in Harpers Ferry, WV. The bag fell in the rapids. When we got home the “rock” was in the bag.

Fossil Collector: COHara

Location: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Editor’s Note: Given that it was a tubing trip, we are glad that you only pulled this tooth out of the bag. We will resort to an emoticon for that statement :) This is half of what is likely a fossil Carcharodon megalodon shark tooth. Accidentally finding its way into your bag is a remarkable bit of luck. ]

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Fossil tree fern

Found under a mountain near Buffalo Creek and Rum Creek Elevation 2500-2800 found by coal miner.

Fossil Collector: Ruandsue

Location: West Virginia

[Huge fossil! Possibly a species of lepidodendron or scale tree which were abundant in the Pennsylvanian Period. Can anyone tell us the particular species?]


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Could this be a fossil coprolite?

This is on our property in Buckhannon, WV. I am just wondering if anyone could identify what it could be. Could this be a fossil of poop (coprolite)?

Photo: drebich

Location: Buckhannon, WV

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