Eocene Green River Fish Fossil Priscacara

There's a reason collector's love the Green River Formation of Wyoming. The fish there never go bad even after 50 million years! Cracking open some limestone and catching an Eocene fish is such a treat. This one is probably a fragment of Priscacara.

Fossil Collector: Walt S.

Green River Formation, WY

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Fossil fish poo

Into each fossil collector's life, a little poo must fall. Hey poo happens even in the Eocene. This fossil fish coprolite (fish dung) is from Warfield Quarries in Kemmerer, Wyoming. Many people toss these aside and only keep the fossil fish, but I think they are cool enough to save. Plus it is fun to give them out to friends.

Collector: Scott S.

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Ok, I cannot resist a pun even if it is a bad one. Continuing with this week's apparent theme of first fossil finds, this poor little Knightia with the bitten off head was my first Knightia find when I visited Warfield Springs quarry in Kemmerer, WY. Although I found bigger and better later, I kept this little two-inch fish. Green River Formation fossils are incredible fun and I encourage everyone to give it a try. I sure there are some very good ones out there. Send them in to share and show them off.

Photo: Scott S.

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